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The impact that the Air Jordan 19 had when debuted proved to be crucial when MJ retired from the NBA. The concept of the AJ 19 was inspired by the deadly black mamba snake featuring supportive Tech Flex on the upper which sustains the shoe with flexibility. Holding a Velcro heel strap, the shoe is versatile being sported with it on or removed. Related: Air Jordan Release Dates

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Tag: Air Jordan 20

There is no shoe in the Air Jordan series that specifically tells the story of MJ’s life like the Air Jordan 20. The shoe itself is crafted uniquely and designed by Mark Smith and Tinker Hatfield. It features a mid-foot strap detailing over 100 illustrations on each shoe that are memorable in MJ’s life from earlier models released to unforgettable games leading upon the release of the AJ 20. The shoe is accustomed with a supportive ankle strap, Independent Podular Suspension technology for cushioning and breathable in the material it was produced in. Related: Air Jordan Release Dates

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